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Historic buildings, districts, and neighborhoods embody the lives of those who built, worked, and lived in them. Renovating historic properties preserves the architectural and aesthetic character of a community and helps to provide a sense of place and continuity. 


Sash Repair, Glass & Glazing

When repairing a historic window sash we save as much of the original wood and glass as possible. Only hard, quality, weather-resistant woods are used as replacement pieces.  


Mechanical Makeover

Taking a non-functioning window and making it fully operational again. Involves cleaning jambs, aligning, updating pulley and sash cord, etc. 


Hardware & Weatherstripping

Latches and pulleys can be replaced with new. Sash cord can be traded out for chain. Bronze weatherstripping is an option. Original hardware can also be cleaned and reinstalled. 


Window Sill Repair & Masonry

Sills are repaired or replaced as needed with proper slope to prevent any pooling of water. 

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